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Rural Energy for America Program, Simplified. 

Aidy is the simplest way to apply for REAP. Leave the paperwork to us.


REAP can cover 50% of renewable energy or energy efficiency project costs for agricultural producers and rural small businesses.

Get in touch with us today to apply by the June 30th deadline

Aidy is the easiest way to apply for REAP...


Determine Eligibility and Competitiveness

Aidy helps you quickly assess your eligibility and competitiveness for REAP. We check the program criteria against your project info to assess whether you're a good candidate for funding.



Upload Documents

Applying for grants can be a disorganized, messy process. We give you a portal to keep track of the information we need to compile your application.


Applications by Experts 

We are experts in REAP. Once you provide the right information, we will package your application. We use software to facilitate the grant writing and packaging processes, so we can offer some of the most affordable rates.

Our Vision

We are a small team of former government and foundation staff committed to democratizing access to grant funding. By speeding up your grant application process, your organization can spend more time focusing on its mission. 

Coming Soon

Support for more grants

We'll be adding many more grant programs in the coming months.

Search across grant programs

Finding grant opportunities is difficult and costly. We'll soon provide a tool that can help recommend and assess funding opportunities across federal, state, local, and philanthropic grant programs.

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